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Some Oklahoma homeowners don’t have a personal home insurance agent and some homeowners aren’t always comfortable asking their current agent about some of the tougher, more sensitive issues.

In an attempt to “give back” a small amount of the huge support that Oklahoman’s have shown me the last 30 years, I am starting “Ask An Oklahoma Home Insurance Agent”.  This will be a free service offered to all Oklahoma homeowners and I will not try to sell you a new home insurance policy.   I will answer your home insurance questions, to the best of my ability, on issues like…

1.  Home insurance coverages

2.  Claims processes

3.  Rating Factors

4.  Availability of Coverage

5.  Prior home insurance claims issues

6.  Discounts/ways to save money on home insurance

7.  Property inspections

8.  Rebuilding issues and

9.  Underwriting Guidelines

There are 2 ways to ask your question:  Email me at or call me at 405-285-2929.  If you call, tell whoever answers that you have a home insurance question for Von.



Ordering Mexican Food at Outback

Statewide specializes in homeowners insurance and auto insurance to the Oklahoma City area.  Specializing enables us to be more effecient, more effective and just “better than most” at what we do.  I think most consumers are tired of companies and sales people trying to sell them more products and services than you want just because they may have your attention (or your email address).  Buying health insurance from the agent that sold you car insurance is usually like ordering mexican food at Outback!  

Over the last two months, we have noticed that more Farmers Insurance customers in Oklahoma are calling us to request home insurance quotes.  All of them have told us that they have experienced significant home insurance increases recently in addition to other increases in the last two years.  Most of the time we have been able to save Farmers Insurance customers 20 to 40% on their homeowners insurance quotes in the Oklahoma City area; however, the big surprise has been with the Farmers auto insurance quotes.  Oftentimes we have been able to offer auto insurance quotes in the Oklahoma City area that are 25 to 50% below the Farmers Insurance quotes.

As you shop for home insurance and auto insurance, remember that Independent Agents represent multiple companies and have a better chance of finding the right company for you.