Summer in Edmond, Oklahoma is the perfect time for family fun, but the scorching temperatures can be a challenge. Fear not! We’ve got you covered with family-focused activities that will keep everyone cool and entertained. In this article, we’ll explore the best ways to beat the heat in Edmond while making cherished memories with your loved ones.

  1. Splash-tastic Water Parks: Head to Pelican Bay Aquatic Center or Mitch Park YMCA for a day of water-filled adventures. Little ones will love the kiddie pools, water slides, and interactive play areas. Parents can unwind by the lazy river or join in on the fun!
  2. Cool and Creative Indoor Crafts: Escape the heat by engaging in indoor arts and crafts. Visit local studios offering pottery painting, canvas art, or even DIY science experiments. These activities inspire creativity and provide a cool respite from the summer sun.
  3. Storytime Adventures: Visit the Edmond Public Library for exciting storytimes and reading programs for kids of all ages. The library’s air-conditioned space makes it an ideal spot to beat the heat while immersing the family in the wonderful world of books.
  4. Sweet Treats and Ice Cream Excursions: Cool down with a trip to the city’s best ice cream parlors. Enjoy delicious ice cream sundaes, popsicles, or frozen yogurt creations that will delight the whole family and keep everyone refreshed.
  5. Outdoor Water Fun: Create your water wonderland in the backyard with a kiddie pool, water balloons, and a sprinkler. Let the kids splash and play to their heart’s content, and join in for a wet and wild family experience.
  6. Summer Movie Magic: Visit local cinemas or outdoor movie events for family-friendly films. Many parks offer movie nights under the stars, where you can snuggle up with blankets and enjoy the cool breeze while watching a favorite flick.
  7. Edmond’s Green Oasis: Spend quality family time at Hafer Park or Arcadia Lake. Engage in a picnic, fly kites, or play frisbee under the shade of trees. The beautiful surroundings create a perfect backdrop for outdoor family activities.
  8. Indoor Amusement Centers: Take the kids to indoor amusement centers for endless fun and excitement. From trampoline parks to laser tag and arcades, these venues offer thrilling activities in a climate-controlled environment.

Summer in Edmond, Oklahoma becomes a memorable family affair with these exciting and family-focused activities. Embrace the water parks, enjoy cool indoor crafts and storytimes, savor delicious ice cream treats, create outdoor water fun, watch summer movies together, explore the city’s green oases, and indulge in indoor amusement centers. Beat the heat while making precious memories with your loved ones and savor every moment of the summer season. Stay cool and have a fantastic time with your family in Edmond!