How we save you money on home and auto insurance

Statewide strives to lower home insurance and auto insurance cost for Oklahomans without sacrificing good service and quality coverage. We accomplish this by…

Specializing: We specialize in Home Insurance (including Mobile Homes Insurance) and Automobile Insurance, along with some related personal lines policies. We don’t try to be everything to everybody. This specialization enables us to be more efficient and more effective than our competition while delivering a higher level of service to our customers.

Representing Multiple Companies: As an Independent Insurance Agency, we currently represent and provide quotes for over ten different companies. By doing so, we are able to find the company that is best for you.

Placing Your Interest Above Our Own: We desire to build long term relationships with our clients. With this in mind, we will never sacrifice your best interest to make a sale.

Delivering Old Fashion Service: We don’t use answering machines during normal business hours, and we respond to all inquiries quickly, with an emphasis on getting it right the first time.

Being Easy To Do Business With: All claims, services and sales are initiated or handled through our office. You can contact us by phone (including our 800#), email, or fax.

Offering A Broader Service Area: Our unique business approach allows us to serve a broader area than traditional agencies. We quote, sell and service home insurance and auto insurance in Oklahoma City, Edmond, Tulsa and every other city in Oklahoma!