Picking An Agent

Seek An Experienced Home Insurance/Auto Insurance Agent
Don’t hesitate to ask an agent about his or her insurance experience. Experienced agents are more likely to place your interest above their own, they give better claim advice, their offices are usually better staffed, they know and understand their polices better, they are less likely to miss a discount and they are less likely to leave the company.

It is important to understand that the State of Oklahoma regulates and monitors home insurance and auto insurance business within our state. As a result, each policy that is sold requires that detailed Rules associated with that policy be filed at the state. These Rules explain the details of our discounts, rating and other important issues. It is common for these rules to be 20 to 40 pages long on each policy that the company offers. It is almost impossible for an agent to know all the rules on all the policies. However, a good, experienced agent will be able to find answers within the Rules to make sure the customer is not missing any benefits that are available to him or her so that the lowest home insurance quote possible is given.