Is Statewide Insurance Agency right for you?

Debbie Pybas, Agent at Statewide Insurance Agency

I believe it is and let me tell you why.

Trustworthy Sales

Trustworthy sales means that we are going to place your interest above our own.

We are convinced that most consumers pay too much for their insurance because they are over-whelmed by it and afraid of making a mistake and ending up without the coverage they want and need.

Trustworthy Sales means we do business for the long-term and are not interested in making a “quick buck”.

Trustworthy Sales means providing our customers with the coverages they need without trying to sell unnecessary coverages.

It also means we only offer our customers policies from companies that have proven track records of claim service and price stability.

Trustworthy Sales are possible because we have a staff with an average experience of 24 years each.

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