Travelers, Safeco and Progressive Insurance are 3 of our favorite homeowners insurance and automobile insurance providers to quote and sell in Oklahoma because.....
1. they offer excellent coverages
2. their claim service is what you expect it to be and
3. they offer rate stability....they don't price gouge you on your renewal.
Progressive has great homeowners insurance rates and car insurance rates in the Oklahoma City area!
Check out this 5 star Google My Business review by Brandy Adigun:
I have been using this company for several years. I have to say this is the best insurance company I have ever dealt with. The customer service is beyond excellent, and knock on wood they have never made a mistake with my policies. They explain everything and answer any questions you may have (yes even questions you think is silly). I recommend this company to everyone I encounter and if you are reading my review, I pray you give them a chance to handle your insurance needs.
See the review on Google My Business by clicking the link below.
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How Can I Find a Cheap Home Insurance Quote?

The cheapness of the home insurance quotes you will receive depends on a number of factors. Depending on the location and worth of your home and your belongings, you can get home insurance for as little as $400 a year, but you may also not be able to find a quote cheaper than $1,400 per annum, no matter what cash-saving techniques you apply.

In states such as Wisconsin, Utah, Maine, Ohio and Idaho, where home insurance is cheaper than the national average (which is around $800), price is usually not such a delicate issue when looking for the best home insurance quote. There are states, however, where finding a cheap home insurance quote is a tough mission requiring months of research.

Home owners living in high-risk areas exposed to natural disasters pay some of the highest home insurance premiums nationwide, and some of them may not even be able to purchase any insurance protection for their homes because of the likelihood of natural disasters. A lot of home insurance companies, for example, withdrew from Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina battered New Orleans.

Similarly, because Florida suffers the devastating consequences of the hurricane season, which hits the south-eastern coast of America every summer, some home owners have to pay exorbitant premiums to have their property insured. The same applies to the states of Texas, California, Mississippi, to name just a few.

Tips for Finding the Cheapest Home Insurance Quote

As illustrated above, cheapness is relative when it comes to home insurance. What is considered cheap in one state may be considered expensive in another. This is why, knowing the average annual home insurance premium is very important: measuring all the quotes you obtain against the state’s average will give you a relative idea what a good-price policy is. From then you can go on to apply the following money-saving tips:

• Rule of thumb when looking for home insurance is to make sure all the perils your home is exposed to, are covered under the policy. Compare each home insurance quote according to coverage, exclusions, and riders available. You should get adequate coverage for a fair price.

• Use all the discounts that your insurance provider may offer. You can save a substantial amount of cash in home insurance premiums if you qualify for the insurance company’s discounts.

• Never file a minor claim, otherwise you risk losing your policy.

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