Are you looking to save money on insurance? Here’s some tips that can help you!

On Home Insurance:

  • Package Policy Discounts: Most companies offer a discount for having both your home and your auto insurance with the same company.
  • Deductibles: Get several options from the agent. Examine the discount for higher deductibles relative to how much higher the deducible is. I find that this varies quite a bit from company to company. Don’t assume a $1,000 deductible is the best buy with all companies. Avoid taking on a deductible that is higher than your emergency fund.
  • Other Discounts: Most companies offer discounts for alarm systems, newer homes and for customer who are 55 and retired.

On Car Insurance:

  • Deductibles: Many sources tell you to raise your deductibles to save money. Oftentimes this is a good idea; however, don’t make that assumption. You may find that your savings is minimal compared to the greater amount that you are responsible for.
  • Defensive Driving Classes: Attend a state approved Defensive Driving Course. The discount is often 10%. This is very helpful, especially with young drivers.

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