Doing some spring cleaning? Here’s a quick list of some things you should do to your house annually to maintain it!

  • Outside:
    • Clean up the yard
    • Clean up/trim up the trees
      • Keeping trees trimmed back from roof line will help protect from potential roof damage during spring storms.
    • Sweep and power wash patios and decks
  • Inside:
    • Give your pipes a look!
      • Check under sinks for any signs of potential leaks. This could save you from having bigger problems down the road!
    • Check your fire alarms and smoke detectors! ALWAYS IMPORTANT!
    • Touch up any paint
      • Or use a magic eraser on your trim, doors and walls.

As with any time you’re working on your house, it’s a great opportunity to make sure you’re not paying too much for your Oklahoma Homeowners Insurance. If you think you’re paying too much, give Statewide a call to see how much we can save you! 405-285-2929 or get a quote online here!