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Thinking of repairing the floors, countertops, walls or windows in your mobile home? Check out these helpful and inexpensive home improvement ideas.

Mobile Home Insurance Oklahoma Affordable

I’m very pleased to announce our new partnership with National Security Insurance Group (Nasdaq – NSEC).  As an authorized agent for National Security, Statewide will be able to offer Oklahomans’s quotes on one of the finest mobile home insurance products in the state at a price that is usually substantially less than their competitors.


Standard homeowners and renters insurance does not cover flood damage. Flood coverage, however, is available in the form of a separate policy both from the National Flood Insurance Program – NFIP (888-379-9531) and from a few private insurers.
The NFIP provides coverage for up to $250,000 for the structure of the home and $100,000 for personal possessions. The NFIP policy provides replacement cost coverage for the structure of your home, but only actual cash value coverage for your possessions. Replacement cost coverage pays to rebuild your home as it was before the damage. Actual cash value is replacement cost coverage minus depreciation so that the older your possessions are, the less you will get if they are damaged. There may also be limits on coverage for furniture and other belongings stored in your basement.
Flood insurance is available for renters as well as homeowners. You will need flood insurance if you live in a designated flood zone. But flooding can also occur in inland areas and away from major rivers. Consider buying a flood insurance policy if your house could be flooded by melting snow, an overflowing creek or pond or water running down a steep hill. Don’t wait for a flood season warning on the evening news to buy a policy—there is a 30-day waiting period before the coverage takes effect.
Excess flood insurance is also available from some private insurers for those who need additional insurance protection over and above the basic policy or whose community does not participate in the NFIP. Depending on the amount of coverage purchased, an excess flood insurance policy will cover damage above the limits of the federal program on the same basis as the federal program—replacement cost for the structure and actual cash value for the contents.
Excess flood insurance is available in all parts of the country—in high risk flood zones along the coast and close to major rivers as well as in areas of lower risk—wherever the federal program is available. It can be purchased from specialized companies through independent insurance agents, or from regular homeowners insurance companies that have arrangements with a specialized insurer to provide coverage to their policyholders.
To find out whether private primary flood insurance is available in your area, contact your insurance agent.





OKC Spotlght Article

Local Profile: Statewide Insurance Agency

By admin · Wednesday,June6th,2012


Statewide Insurance Agency 405-285-2929

Together, Von and Cheryl Nix have more than 40 years of knowledge and experience in the insurance industry most of us grew up with, but their new business concept is modern and booming.

The Nixes had previously worked for a captive insurance agency, meaning they were required to sell for that one agency.

In 2009, Cheryl left the captive agency and started Statewide Insurance Agency with the intent of giving customers more solutions to their insurance needs.

Von says he could easily see the benefits in the customers’ favor and joined Cheryl at Statewide in April 2012. “Because we are an independent agency, we can usually offer our customers better rates and better coverage because we represent multiple companies. We have the ability to shop many different insurance companies until we find the best fit for each particular customer’s needs.”

Statewide specializes in personal lines – home, auto insurance, boats, renters’, personal umbrella policies, trailers, landlord policies, etc. Von says this is yet another realm that sets Statewide apart from other insurance agencies. “Most agencies want to do everything for everyone. We’re not like that. By specializing, we give better service, are more accurate and our overall processes are better.”

Customers come first at Statewide. The Nixes say they take pride in trying to answer all incoming calls, rather than allowing clients to get voicemail. They strive to be accurate in their work, avoiding second requests. Again, this all points back to streamlining, or specializing the products they sell.

The uniqueness of their business doesn’t stop there. Statewide serves customers in Bethany, Del City, Edmond, Midwest City, Moore, Mustang, Norman, Oklahoma City and Yukon and will soon be authorized to offer the AARP’s Auto and Home Insurance Program through The Hartford to these and other surrounding areas.

Von says his favorite part of his job is watching the insurance work. “I love watching a claim be successfully handled in order to get the customer back to where they where prior to the loss. Oftentimes, people buy insurance because they have to have it. I get great satisfaction in watching the service that people are buying actually get used.”

The relationships that are forged, even under the toughest of circumstances, are some of the biggest job rewards for Von and Cheryl.

“The truth is a lot of people rely on the agent to set up the policy the right way. When there’s a total loss, it’s usually a fire or a tornado. That’s when you find out how good your insurance is,” says Von.

Von says when people are displaced and they help them get into temporary housing, the insurance is working the way it should and those people know Statewide helped them, it’s a great feeling. “When customers pick up the phone and say, ‘Hey, I appreciate what you did. Thank you’… I know what I’m doing is making a difference.”

Statewide Insurance Agency 405-285-2929

Mobile Home Insurance Oklahoma Rates Stable?

Mobile home insurance rates in Oklahoma have shown more stability than the rates of site built homes over the last 4 years.  Mobile home rates have certainly increased over the last several years; however, the increases have been much less dramatic than those of site built homes.

Part of the reason for this may be due to the fact that many mobile homes in Oklahoma are on acreages in rural areas.  When a hail storm hits these areas, an insurer may get 5 or 10 claims from customers that have been impacted.  When that same hail storm rolls through Oklahoma City or Tulsa, that same insurer ends up with 500 to 1000 claims.  In other words, the geographical diversity of mobile homes in Oklahoma allows the insurance company to “spread” their risk and be less prone to the widespread damage that has pounded the metropolitan areas of Oklahoma the past 4 or 5 years.

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